ENM Dictionary

eNanoMapper Dictionary

The dictionary includes a collection of terms and abbreviations often used in the context of the eNanoMapper project, but also terms that are generally used in areas like nanaosafety, data management or computational modelling.

Proteomics Analysis

Proteomics Analysis

Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) have emerged as promising contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging. The influence of different surface coatings on the biocompatibility of SPIONs has been addressed, but the potential impact of the so-called corona of adsorbed proteins on the surface of SPIONs on their biological behavior is less well studied.


RRegrs: an R package for computer-aided model selection with multiple regression models

The universality of the new methodology is demonstrated using five standard data sets from different scientific fields. Its efficiency in cheminformatics and QSAR modelling is shown with three use cases: proteomics data for surface-modified gold nanoparticles, nano-metal oxides descriptor data, and molecular descriptors for acute aquatic toxicity data.