eNanoMapper in Nano Compendium

European NanoSafety Cluster Compendium

European NanoSafety Cluster CompendiumFor several years now, the research community has responded by launching very valuable projects under the Sixth Framework Programme FP6 and Seventh Framework Programme FP7, marking significant technological progress both in the technology and in its safety management.

About fifty projects are either completed or running and represent a total RTD investment of €137M, from the NMP and other programmes, under FP6 (13 projects, €31M) and FP7 (34 projects, €106M).

These projects together with a significant number of projects supported by government resources in the EU member states and the FP7 associated states, and other projects addressing safety as side objective,represent the valuable efforts of the scientific and industrial research community for progress.

Please click on this link to view the recently published European NanoSafety Cluster Compendium, which contains information on all running or recently completed projects funded under the Seventh Framework Programme FP7.

You can find eNanoMapper project on the side 9.

source: http://www.nanosafetycluster.eu/