Dissemination & Training

Description of Tasks

1). Community web site
2). Virtual Seminars
3). Workshops
4). Community Development
5). Exploitation
6). Tutorials
7). Publication Series
8). Conference

Dissemination & Training

D6.1 eNanoMapper Year 1 Dissemination Report
D6.2 eNanoMapper Year 2 Dissemination Report
D6.3 eNanoMapper Tutorials
D6.4 eNanoMapper Community Development Report
D6.5 eNanoMapper Exploitation Report
D6.6 eNanoMapper Final Dissemination Report


Karolinska Institutet


The key objectives of this WP are:

  To disseminate scientific results, tools and applications developed in the project to the nano-scientific and technology communities and to industry user groups
  To establish and develop usage of the eNanoMapper project website and communications tools
  To promote discussion and collaborative development and acceptance of nano safety data and ontology standards and interoperability between toxicology resources so as to support integrated data analysis concepts required by the community use cases
  To develop connections, knowledge flows, resource interoperation and application opportunities with other significant programs of relevance to predictive toxicology e.g., the recently developed OpenTox framework and community, Bioclipse, the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) eTox project, toxicology information resources created by other EC FP7 projects e.g., ToxBank, DiXa, the US EPA’s ToxCast program, etc.
  To disseminate and raise awareness of the eNanoMapper consortium and project applications within the nano- scientific and technology user communities in academia and industry so as to attract future users of applications,...
Description of work

This work package is concerned with the effective dissemination and development of news, findings, progress, lessons learned, practices, resources and services created, scientific discoveries and inventions from the eNanoMapper project. The focus of the activities will revolve around the engagement of user communities through interaction on the user requirements and use cases guiding development and through usage and evaluation of applications developed throughout the project and involving several feedback loops. Users will obtain guidance and training both through online tutorials and meetings and through face-to-face workshops and conferences. The active use of hands-on scientific exercises and problem-solving in both virtual and face-to-face workshops pursued in community development activities in recent years for OpenTox and eCheminfo will be extended to develop active 49 and engaged groups of users for eNanoMapper. Advances in state-of-art pursued by the project in integrated data analysis and modelling will be disseminated through a strongly coordinated set of publication and conference activities. The workshop, training and other event activities of this WP will be coordinated closely to support the ongoing community activities of WP1, in addition to developing outreach to new communities and users.