enm Hackathon 2017

Hackathon on templates for data collection

The goal of this workshop preceding the NMSA Conference, is to make the participants familiar with the eNanoMapper solutions for data management and data access.

Tuesday, 07. February, 2017

Room Trinidad 2-3,
Hotel Barceló, Malaga, (Spain)
Tuesday,7th February 2017
at 09:00-12:30

Nano Modelling workshop

The workshop will have the format of several parallel sessions: resembling that of Knowledge Café, where small groups work on specific problems under the guidance of a group leader within a specific time frame.

Tuesday, 25. October, 2016
  • Schloss Beuggen 11, Rheinfelden, Germany
  • Telefon +49 (7623) 7519-0

Nano-EHS workshop

EU-US nano-EHS workshop on the Enabling a Sustainable Harmonised Knowledge Infrastructure supporting Nano Environmental and Health Safety Assessment

Monday, 24. October, 2016

Schloss Beuggen 11, Rheinfelden (GER)
Telefon +49 (7623) 7519-0