enm Hackathon 2017

enm Hackathon 2017
Event date: 
Tue, 07.02.2017
Event place: 

Room Trinidad 2-3,
Hotel Barceló, Malaga, (Spain)
Tuesday,7th February 2017
at 09:00-12:30


Participation on Hachathon is free of charge.
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Hackathon on templates for data collection

The goal of this workshop preceding the NMSA Conference, is to make the participants familiar with the eNanoMapper solutions for data management and data access.

We will demonstrate how https://search.data.enanomapper.net/ integrates various data sets, how you can search for materials and how to use the application programming interface (API) to access data.

The exercises will include data preparation and upload using selected set of the NANoREG templates. These templates are developed by JRC in collaboration with FP7 NANoREG project partners and released under open license, further cleaned by eNanoMapper. The NANoREG templates are organized as one spreadsheet per assay. One of the hackathon goals is to estimate the relevance of the template fields for specific assays, according to participant experience and background.

An ontology mapping exercise will be included, as the number of unique terms in the templates is over 800 and careful ontology mapping is required. The guide will be published at:
https://github.com/enanomapper/tutorials/tree/master/Hackathon_on_templates_for_data_collection and www.enanomapper.net.