Associate Partner: RNASA-IMEDIR Group

RNASA-IMEDIR Group, Computer Science Faculty, University of A Coruña

University of A Coruna

RNASA-IMEDIR Group, Computer Science Faculty, University of A Coruña
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Cristian R. Munteanu
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Associate Professor
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Egon Willighagen, Maastricht University

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Artificial Neuronal Networks and Adaptive Systems – Medical Imaging and Radiological Diagnosis

Since early 1997, our research team has accumulated extensive experience in developing products based on Evolutionary Computation (EC) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) systems. These Artificial Intelligence techniques have been applied in transversal fields such as Medicine, Neuroscience, Civil Engineering, Artificial Vision, Ontologies and Chemoinformatics. RNASA-IMEDIR participated to multidisciplinary national and international research networks such as Iberoamerican Network of Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno Convergent Technologies (Ibero-NBIC), Cooperative Research Thematic Network on Computational Medicine (COMBIOMED), Galician Network for Colorectal Cancer Research (REGICC), and Galician Network for Drug Research and Development (REGID).

The group designed specific Chemoinformatics software that encode the molecular information into invariant descriptors and permit the study of any complex network. The best classification models have been implemented into Artificial Intelligence Model Server in Biosciences – Bio-AIMS ( for the prediction of biological activity of molecules/ macromolecules, molecule interactions, neurodegenerative disease diagnostics using nucleic acid mutations and electroencephalography signals. In addition, the BioCAI HPC cluster facility permits us to offer computational solutions in Biomedicine and Drug Design.

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