Knowledge Infrastructure and Framework

Event date: 
Tue, 26.01.2016
Event place: 

Covent Garden, Brussels

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Knowledge Infrastructure and Framework for Nano Safety

26 January 2016
Covent Garden, Brussels, Belgium


a) Form an integrated perspective for a Nano Safety Knowledge Infrastructure (NSKI) supporting the work activities of all stakeholders involved in the research, assessment and regulation of the safety of nanotechnology;

b) Define the critical components of such an NSKI: stakeholders, expertise, frameworks, roadmaps, methods, resources, models, databases;

c) Agree a guidance on how a common harmonisation approach to the NSKI, including working consensus on open standards and ontology, could be best advanced;

d) Formulate a plan for refining the KI both for NSC needs and for supporting international engagement, refinement and collaboration (including re-use and co-working of components required by other communities) and EU-US cooperation and CoPs.