Knowledge Infrastructure and Framework

Meeting Program

26 January 2016
Covent Garden, Brussels, Belgium

 09.00 Introduction and Objectives, Nicolas Segebarth and Georgios Katalagarianakis (European Commission)
09.15 Perspectives on Resources contributing to a Knowledge Infrastructure
09.15 Presentation of the Results of the Workshop “Data, Ontology and Harmonisation Needs for Nano Safety Cluster & Projects” (held at the EC DG RTD, Brussels 25 Jan)” eNanoMapper Coordinator, Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect)
09.30 Harmonisation in the Knowledge Infrastructure: Perspectives of Future Nano Needs and CODATA, John Rumble (CODATA)
09.45 Nano Safety Needs and EU infrastructure principles, Eva Valsami-Jones (Univ. Birmingham)
10.00 Ecotoxicology, Teresa Fernandes (Heriot Watt University)
10.15 Characterisation, Keld Jensen (National Research Centre for the Working Environment)
10.30 Integrating Data and Modelling, Haralambos Sarimveis (NTUA)
10.45 Coffee Break
11.00 Perspectives on Stakeholder Needs from a Knowledge Infrastructure
11.00 Knowledge extraction from Nanosafety data, Robert Rallo (URV)
11.15  ISA-TAB-Nano supporting the Nanoinformatics Community, Richard Marchese Robinson (LJMU)
11.30 QSAR Modelling, Tomasz Puzyn (University of Gdańsk)
11.45 Multi Scale Modelling Challenges, Vladimir Lobaskin (UCD)
12.00 Data Templates, Building on Learning, Peter Ritchie (IOM)
12:15 Risk Assessment Perspective, Danail Hristozov (UNIVE)
12.30 Open Discussion
12.45 Lunch
13.30 Defining the Knowledge Infrastructure - Discussion
     Knowledge Infrastructure Definition & Elaboration
     Harmonization & Standards Components
     Data Management & Sharing Guidance
     Communications & Engagement
     Sustainability Plan
14.30 International Perspective – US initiatives and Cooperation with EU
  Nano WG, EU-US Scrimmage, Christine Hendren (Duke)
  Knowledge Network Perspective, Fred Klaessig (EU-US CoP on Data and Modelling)
15.00 Open Discussion
15.15 Conclusions & Actions
  eNanoMapper Coordinator, Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect)
15:30  End of Meeting