Basel Workshop Program

Hands-on Workshop on
Nano Safety Assessment

10 February 2016
Technology Park, Basel

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eNanoMapper Workshop, Basel 2016 - Technology Park

08.30 Introduction and Overview, Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect)
08.40 Nano Safety Science & Assessment, Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect / eNanoMapper) and Vladimir Lobaskin (UCD)
09.10 Entering and Analysing Nano Safety Data, Egon Willighagen (University of Maastricht) and Nina Jeliazkova (Ideaconsult / eNanoMapper)
Workshop participants will work through the preparation of datasets to be used for modelling and risk assessment. The combination of data from multiple sources using common harmonised ontology and templates will be carried out by the group.
10.00 Data Requirements for Nanotoxicity Read Across Predictions, Christoph Helma (in silico toxicology / eNanoMapper)
We will discuss data requirements for nanotoxicity read across predictions and the coverage of currently available datasets. Participants will be able to evaluate a prototype nanoparticle read across application and provide feedback for future developments.

Nano-Lazar Toxicity Predictions

10.40 Coffee Break
11.00 Bioinformatics Analysis of Nanotechnology-based Omics Data, Pekka Kohonen and Penny Nymark (Misvik Biology Oy / eNanoMapper)
Bioinformatics analysis of an omics dataset generated on a nanoparticle category will be carried out and the dose-dependence and mechanistic interpretations discussed.

Tutorial | Data

11.45 Developing Nano-QSAR predictive toxicology models, Philip Doganis and Haralambos Sarimveis (NTUA / eNanoMapper)
The group will work on developing nanoQSAR models based on data available from the server and using the eNanoMapper computational infrastructure. We will demonstrate how a modeler can use diverse sets of nanoparticle descriptors, including descriptors derived from protein-corona information.

pdf | 11_00 Developing Nano-QSAR predictive toxicology models.xml

12.30 Lunch
13.30 Modelling Nano Exposure, Claus Svendsen (UK Natural Environment Research Council / GUIDEnano and NanoFASE) and Wouter Fransman (TNO / GUIDEnano)
The participants will work through the modelling of two exposure scenarios a) human (occupational and consumer) exposure to nanoparticles across different scenarios in the lifecycle of a product, and b) life cycle analysis of nanoparticles in the environment.

NECID Guidance | Stoffenmanager Nano | Case 1 | Case 2 | Excercise Soil | Excercise River

15.00 Coffee Break
15.15 Nano Risk Assessment, Fadri Gottschalk (ETSS / SUN)
The participants will work through a risk assessment example combining hazard and exposure data. The participants will be familiarized with stochastic modeling and uncertainty analysis software with focus on environmental exposure, ecotoxicological effects and risks in the context of emerging materials such as engineered nanoparticles.
16.30 Open Discussion on Workshop Insights and Learning
17:30 End of Meeting

Basel Science Park
eNanoMapper Workshop, Basel 2016
eNanoMapper Workshop, Basel 2016
WHEN: Wed, 10 Feb 2016
AT: Technology Park Basel

WHERE: Basel, Switzerland

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